Hello! My name is Kseniya. I live in Russia, in the far North. We have a polar night and a polar day, we see the Northern lights. It is very beautiful :)
I'm glad you came to my store! This is my world and I want you to meet it.
It all started with a handmade for my son's school fair. Over time, I wanted to share a piece of my work with people who love collectible toys. They are so warm and emotional! So there was my shop TeddyKOP.
I started sewing Teddy not so long ago. I really like the process of giving birth to toys. Most of all I like to sew Teddy bears. But sometimes there may be a rabbit, fox. I sew in a good mood, then the toy is charged with positive emotions and turns out pretty.
I guarantee the quality of the toys, from the choice of material and ending with tailoring, so you can enjoy the purchase!
I really hope that you will find your bear, which will bring happiness and complement your collection! Handmade products carry heat and energy. Work is always in a single copy, repeat impossible!

Please, contact me for any questions k.polinka@mail.ru.
Thank you!